Smart bidding with data
scientists behind the wheel.

Leverage the power of dynamic bidding and machine
learning to activate high-quality mobile users.

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Real-time bidding, all the bells and whistles + experts

Our patent-pending programmatic technology adjusts bids dynamically to bid more or less on users based on our predictive modeling, ensuring the most efficient and effective use of your ad spend.

Real-Time Bidding (RTB)

Our platform is integrated with all major mobile SSPs and ad exchanges to access 98% of all in-app inventory in the world.

Machine Learning

We continuously improve our bidder and buying strategy by incorporating trillions of first-party data points into our algorithms.

Data Science

We take data about your best customers to build lookalike audiences that share key characteristics of your most active and engaged audience.

RTB Platform

Learning through Insights

Data Intelligence
We collect trillions of first-party data points on a monthly basis to incorporate into our algorithmic models. Our team of data scientists use these insights to continually refine our RTB platform.

Algorithmic Learning
Our algorithms continuously optimize to market conditions and predict characteristics of future purchasers, improving your campaign with each new piece of data.

Dynamic Bidding
Our algorithms predict users’ likelihood of taking a desired action and ROI potential. Our proprietary RTB platform  adjusts dynamically to bid more or less on users based on these predictions.

Data Science

Data is the Difference

User-based Targeting
We leverage hundreds of characteristics on user attributes and behaviors to target users based on their likelihood of engaging and ROI potential.

Lookalike Audiences
We scale your campaigns more efficiently by building lookalike audiences from the benchmark characteristics of your best customers.

We leverage user data and deep linking to target and re-engage inactive users who have installed your app.

An empathic, data-driven approach to reaching the hearts and minds of your ideal customers

Our A/B testing ensures the most engaging ad creative reaches your highest value audience.

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Motive is integrated with all major mobile SSPs & has developed proprietary mobile-first technology focused on finding the right users at the right prices across the exchange.

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5 Questions We’re Commonly Asked

Can you track post-install events?

Absolutely. We are integrated with all the major attribution platforms and have combined our technology and expertise to effectively optimize and scale campaigns for post-install events.


How much scale can you get for my campaign?

While our initial focus for any campaign is honing the most effective targeting and buying strategies to reach your performance goals, once we achieve these benchmarks we can effectively scale your campaign through our access to a large variety of inventory sources and integrations with all major RTB exchanges.


What pricing models do you offer?

We offer a variety of pricing models, including a dynamic CPC, flexible CPI and CPA options. The pricing model we use varies based on what stage of the campaign we are in and our clients’ unique campaign objectives.


What creative formats do you offer?

We leverage banner, interstitial, native, GIF, interactive and video ad formats.


How do you prevent against fraud?

Motive only integrates with inventory sources that are vetted to be brand safe and high-quality. We use a combination of proprietary tools, third party tools and experienced analysis to protect our clients’ campaigns from being exposed to fraud.