Providing quality inventory
through 10 years of

Access premium media sources not available through
RTB exchanges or SDK networks.

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A snapshot of our inventory sources

Motive’s integrations with hundreds of media sources provide our clients with consolidated access to an array of high-quality placements. Our buying team maximizes performance and scale on each inventory source according to clients’ goals.

Rewarded Video

Drive higher rates of engagement, customer loyalty and viewability without disrupting the user experience with opt-in rewarded video ads.

Offer Walls

Boost ad revenue, increase user retention and get more in-app purchases with dynamic offer walls.

Carrier Traffic

Leverage the power of mobile carrier data to serve high-impact creatives directly to users’ mobile devices using location-based data.

Mobile Web

Diversify your mobile media buying plan by adding mobile web placements and registration paths to your ad product mix.


Harness the power of playable ad units and increase conversion rates, user retention and revenue through gamified user experiences.

Rewarded Video
Carrier Traffic
Offer Wall

Our traffic team has spent over a decade vetting quality media sources with a commitment to providing a fraud-free and brand-safe environment for our clients.

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5 Questions We’re Commonly Asked

Can you track post-install events?

Absolutely. We are integrated with all the major attribution platforms and have combined our technology and expertise to effectively optimize and scale campaigns for post-install events.


How much scale can you get for my campaign?

While our initial focus for any campaign is honing the most effective targeting and buying strategies to reach your performance goals, once we achieve these benchmarks we can effectively scale your campaign through our access to a large variety of inventory sources and integrations with all major RTB exchanges.


What pricing models do you offer?

We offer a variety of pricing models, including a dynamic CPC, flexible CPI and CPA options. The pricing model we use varies based on what stage of the campaign we are in and our clients’ unique campaign objectives.


What creative formats do you offer?

We leverage banner, interstitial, native, GIF, interactive and video ad formats.


How do you prevent against fraud?

Motive only integrates with inventory sources that are vetted to be brand safe and high-quality. We use a combination of proprietary tools, third party tools and experienced analysis to protect our clients’ campaigns from being exposed to fraud.