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Proactive service every step of the way

Managing ad spend across a variety of partners and media sources can be complicated and time-consuming.
Let our team of seasoned experts do what they do best.

Step 1

Understand your Customers

We work with our clients to understand their product, users and marketing goals. We study your best customers and build profiles of their key attributes to identify lookalike audiences in our database of over 2 billion unique mobile profiles.

Step 2

Build a Custom Buying Plan

We recommend inventory sources based on each source’s volume potential, pricing and historical performance. We combine these insights with our first party data and mobile user profiles to create a custom buying plan.

Step 3


We launch your campaign and test the inventory sources and targeting strategies outlined in your initial buying plan. We expand our testing to explore other media sources and user segments to unlock unexpected pockets of performance that efficiently scale your campaign.

Step 4

Optimize for Quality Installs

As performance data is gathered, we prioritize the best-performing inventory sources and targeting strategies to drive quality installs. Our platform begins by scaling your installs within the target cost-per-install (CPI) range. Our client success team works with you to share regular insights and recommendations.

Step 5

Pay Only for Post-Install Events

Once our platform has collected a meaningful amount of data on the media, user segments and targeting methods that are driving installs, we shift to optimizing for users who will drive the highest ROI by taking post-install actions in your app. Once we hit your cost-per-action (CPA) goals, we shift your campaign to a pay structure where you only pay for the post-install actions taken in your app.

Measured Thinking

We provide ongoing performance insights so you can effectively scale your campaigns.

Our Partners

I’ve worked with the team at Motive on dozens of campaigns over the past 6 years. They almost always exceed client ROAS/ROI goals and deliver a high level of customer service. If you are looking to work with some of the most skilled, knowledgeable, and accommodating performance media buyers in the industry then put Motive on your preferred partner list.

Reed Sutton, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Prodege

Rappi is in constant transformation and it is good to have Motive as a partner to help us to keep growing and gain scale in LATAM, using smart technologies to be more accurate on media buying and reaching the best results. We are really happy with the team and the level of service we have working with Motive.

Gabriel Sampaio, Digital Marketing Specialist, Rappi

Motive has been an important partner for Cyber Z. They provide high quality and scalable inventory with exceptional service and responsiveness. We look forward to extending our business with Motive.

Asako Nagatomi, Creative Director, Cyber Z

Motive helps us get our games in front of people who we think will really love them. The team is a joy to work with and they have our best interest at heart.

Jason Taylor, Product Marketing Manager, Pocket Gems
5 Questions We’re Commonly Asked

Can you track post-install events?

Absolutely. We are integrated with all the major attribution platforms and have combined our technology and expertise to effectively optimize and scale campaigns for post-install events.


How much scale can you get for my campaign?

While our initial focus for any campaign is honing the most effective targeting and buying strategies to reach your performance goals, once we achieve these benchmarks we can effectively scale your campaign through our access to a large variety of inventory sources and integrations with all major RTB exchanges.


What pricing models do you offer?

We offer a variety of pricing models, including a dynamic CPC, flexible CPI and CPA options. The pricing model we use varies based on what stage of the campaign we are in and our clients’ unique campaign objectives.


What creative formats do you offer?

We leverage banner, interstitial, native, GIF, interactive and video ad formats.


How do you prevent against fraud?

Motive only integrates with inventory sources that are vetted to be brand safe and high-quality. We use a combination of proprietary tools, third party tools and experienced analysis to protect our clients’ campaigns from being exposed to fraud.