Machine Learning Expert Joins Motive’s Growing Team as an Advisor to Programmatic Platform

We are happy to announce the appointment of a new advisor to our growing technology team: Professor Weinan Zhang has joined Motive’s team as an advisor to our programmatic real-time bidding platform. Professor Zhang has a machine learning and big data mining research background with a focus on programmatic technologies. He earned his Ph.D. from University College London in 2016 and B.Eng. from Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 2011.

“We are thrilled to welcome Professor Zhang to act as an advisor to the Motive technology team,” said James Hart, VP of Engineering. “Refining our programmatic platform to be the most efficient and effective in the industry is a key part of our continued growth and commitment to driving the highest ROI for our clients.”

“I’m looking forward to working with the Motive team and leveraging my machine learning research to continue optimizing their technology for optimal performance,” said Professor Zhang. “I look forward to being part of a fast-moving company that is well-positioned for continued innovation and success.”

We are happy to welcome Professor Zhang to our growing team and look forward to utilizing his research and deep knowledge of real-time bidding technologies to continue enhancing our technology.

For more information about Professor Weinan Zhang, please see the full press release.

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